Leon Amyx (1908 - 1995)

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"Spreckles Sugar Factory", 1939

"Grain Hopper, Salinas", 1950

"Mazanita Lake and Boat"
Lassen Park, 1944

"Feeding horse, Hayward Hills", 1936

"The Old Monterey Brewery on Main Street"

"Rock Fisherman & Picnic'er at Pebble Beach" 1949

"McKinley Park Pool"

"Gossip in Columbia" 1948

"Apricot Orchard in Prundale", 1939

"At the foot of Old San Juan Grade Road" 1938

"Back of buildings, downtown Salinas"

"Backyard with chickens"

"Bridge over Gablan Creek", 1948

"Country road in California"

"Dark house in Salinas"

"Farm in Colorado"

"Farm in East Rag"

"Farm in foothills with horses"

"Farm outside Chino", 1941

"Farm panorama near Salinas and Davis Road"

"Fremont's Peak", 1940

"Goats in Claremont"

"Hat Creek & Hat Mountain", 1944

"Late afternoon at Doan's Camp"

"Little stream above the timberline"

"Nostalgia (Broken Down Building)", 1948

"Old house on Old Stage Road", 1937

"Pasture near Chino Hills", 1941

"Road into hills with haystacks", 1938

"Salinas river bed"

"Stark hills", 1941

"Students painting in park", 1939

"The old Natival Store", 1940

"Tommie in front of his house"

"Valley farm, Salinas", 1941

"View through barn door"

"Lettuce Pickers", 1939

"Elkhorn Slough - Moss Landing", 1941
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